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Appraisal & Umpire Services FAQ

What kind of appraisals do you do?
Although we work with million dollar claims as a public adjuster , we currently only do appraisals on up to $500,000 disputed.

What kind of results can I expect?
You can expect that we will care about the appraisal as if it's our own property. We'll do whatever is right, I don't need the other side to like me. Before a job is accepted we can discuss what we believe the outcome will be.

What qualifications does Ben have?
Ben became is certified by the IAUA as a professional appraiser and umpire. He has experience and extensive knowledge in construction and appraisal law and procedures. He completed appraisal training by Digitory inc and Neal McCloughan, head of the AUA association.

What are the costs for appraisal or umpire services?
 Prices vary, we do flat rate and hourly, so please reach out for a quote. On average it's  $125 per hour for  appraisal, and $200 an hour for umpire services.

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