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Should I wait to hire a Public Adjuster?

The reasons why you should hire a Public Adjuster ASAP....

1) If you don't document the claim correctly and the evidence gets lost it might be too late to recover the damage

2) If you tell the insurance the wrong thing, and you correct yourself it might be perceived as misrepresentation or lying

3) If you don't know your policy obligations, how are you going to perform you're obligations?  -Cal Spoon

4) Do you know the difference from a sewer backup, sewer blockage, sewer pipe burst and sewer overflow?

5) If nobody makes a thorough examination of your property, and 6 months later you find damage. How will you prove it's related to the claim and not wear and tear.

6)If you hire a PA late, you might be the only witness and if you describe what occurred in the wrong way, that can be a justification not to pay.

Why do I need a Public Adjuster?

  1. We make sure everything gets the detailed attention it needs to be priced and documented correctly for coverage.

  2. We fully take care of the claim which saves you time and stress and helps prevent unnecessary delays in the claims process.

  3. We find hidden and overlooked damage, and get you compensated for it.

  4. We know the insurance rules well, and ensure the insurance company doesn't take advantage of you. 

these two can be combined




1. Contact your insurance within 24 hours, prepare what you will say, don't get intimated by them. Don't tell them it was an old problem or you knew it was going to happen. (If it's not 100% correct.)

2. Usually you will be required to get a mitigation company, to make sure no further damage occurs. like to tarp your roof, drain the water, and board up. I recommend YOU call someone you trust. Don't let the insurance call them down, you should make all the contact with them. So you are the customer not the insurance company.

3. Don’t sign anything without reading it, even if your insurance or anybody insists you do.

4. Document and take pictures of everything. 

5. (optional) Hire a Public Adjuster that will make sure everything is handled in the best manner. on average, you'll get more than double the money. Best done before you even contact your insurance. 

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