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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Public Adjuster?  
A public adjuster is a licensed professional that policyholders hire to represent their interest in an insurance claim.

My friend /Contractor told me I can do everything myself. What's the benefit of hiring an adjuster?
You can, BUT... It can be stressful, time consuming, and costly. Most claimants that hire a public adjuster receive a much higher settlement. If you're not familiar with construction and all insurance rules, you probably don't know how much you're entitled to. We're experienced at this, and we'll get you the settlement you deserve.

The insurance company said I'm not covered, can I still get compensation?
Your insurance company has their best interest in mind. It's in your best interest to get a second opinion from a licensed public adjuster.

Will my homeowners insurance premium go up because I file a claim?
Usually your premium won't increase if you have only one claim within three years. If this is your first claim and your insurance company threatens to raise your rate, we can help you find a new one.

Will anything illegal be done?
We are licensed and insured in New York and New Jersey. Everything we do is 100% legal and ethical. We don't lie or manufacture damage, because we get great settlements without doing that. We call out the insurers for their blunders, give a better perspective, and negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get what you need. If you lie to us we can't guarantee a great settlement.

How much does a public adjuster cost? 
There are no up front costs. Our fee on new claims is typically around 10%  with NO additional fees (the average lawyer costs 30% or more).  you'll usually have enough money for repairs after our fees.


Should I wait to hire a Public Adjuster?

        The reasons why you should hire a Public Adjuster ASAP....

  1. If you don't document the claim correctly, evidence can get lost and it might be too late to recover.

  2. Your words can be taken out of context, and correcting it might be perceived as misrepresentation. misrepresentation on a small detail, can be grounds for a full denial. 

  3. If you don't know your policy obligations, how are you going to perform it?   -Cal Spoon

  4. Do you know the difference between a  backup,  blockage, pipe burst and overflow?

  5. If nobody makes a thorough examination of your property, and 6 months later you find damage. How will you prove it's related to the claim and not wear and tear.

  6. If a PA sees how the damage happened, they can be an expert witness.

Why do I need a Public Adjuster?

  1. To make sure everything gets documented correctly with the details for correct coverage, and gets priced by it's correct value.

  2. We find hidden and overlooked damage, and get you compensated for it.

  3. We know the insurance rules well, and ensure they don't take advantage of you. 

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