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Insurance Claims

Get a professional to handle your loss.

home damaged by flooding ny

Flood Damage

If your home or business has sustained water damage due to flooding after a storm, you need to get started with a flood damage restoration.

burst pipe homeowners insurance

Burst Pipes

Repairing damage caused by burst pipes can cost up to $1000 or more! Don't get stuck paying that out of pocket.

fire damage claim attorney adjuster

Fire Damage

Was there a fire at your home or office? You deserve compensation to cover the fire damage and we'll fight to make sure you receive it.

white mold insurance claim


White mold inside your home? That's bad news. Molds can cause allergies and illness if not taken care of right away.

hail damage roof insurance claim

Hail Damage

Hail can cause significant damage to your roof, shingles, or siding. It's important to document damages properly to ensure costs are covered.

filing a homeowners insurance claim for roof damage

Fallen Trees

Overturned trees can be a nightmare, between damaged roof, structural damage, and loss of items inside the home.

vandalism home insurance claim nj


If your vandalism claim was denied by your homeowners insurance company, we can help you with the appeals process.

structural collapse insurance claim


Structural damage and collapse should absolutely be covered. We'll help you get the full amount.

No matter what caused the damage, we will advocate for you, to get your insurance to fully cover the cost of professional repairs.


We'll evaluate the damage to yourproperty, review your coverage, and give you a free quote same-day.

What's Covered?

We are licensed in New York & New jersey
and partner with Public Adjusters around the USA to get you the most for your residential, commercial, or business claim, wherever the incident occurred.

We also offer Insurance Appraisal and Umpire services.

get more for your homeowner's insurance claim

Your insurance company loves to collect premiums, but hates to pay claims.  They have a lot of experience playing games.

If your homeowners insurance claim is underpaid or denied, they might be acting biased and unfair,  getting an opinion from someone that represents homeowners can only help you.


With us, there are no upfront costs.  We only get paid when you do.


When we take care of the claim from the beginning, you'll likely receive more than enough money to cover all of your repairs.

Get the full amount you deserve!

Why Work With An Adjuster?

Why Choose Public Adjuster Ben?

You will get a great settlement, with no upfront costs.     

We have over ten years experience and have extensive knowledge in first party insurance claims.

Timely communication and the best support throughout every step in the claim process or appeal process.

We're a small business, so every claim gets the special attention

it deserves


"Following the recent wind storm in Rockland County (Orangeburg) on August 4, we contacted Ben. He is highly professional and very knowledgeable. He responded quickly to our inquiries. Definitely someone we can trust and recommend."

- D.M., Google Review

"I know Ben for years he is very knowledgeable. I had water damage in my house, and Ben took care of all the insurance paperwork. and got more money than I can ask for. I always feel better after talking to him! Thanks Ben!!!"

Mose B., Yelp Review


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